Do you want to know more about the fellowship?

What is Craft Colaborative Fellowship:
As part of the Craft Experience tourism project, the fellowship is an opportunity for designers to engage and collaboratively work with the craft cluster of Gundiyali. It is a platform where an individual gets to work with a traditional potter family of Gundiyali to create craft design products.

Who is the fellowship open to?
The fellowship is open to any designer/design student with a passion to create meaningful design. Age, qualification is not a restriction.

What are the kind of products one can design during the fellowship?
You can design any of the following: traditional products, utilitarian products, a product for spaces, fashion products, technology with terracotta, Market friendly products

How do I apply?
The applications are open now and the last date of application is 20th November 2018, you can fill the form in the Apply Section and we will get back to you.

What are the expected outcomes of the fellowship?
The idea is to develop a range of minimum 10 products using the traditional craft techniques and knowledge of the craftspeople of the Gundiyali cluster. It is mandatory to develop the product range in collaboration with the craftspeople of Gundiyali. Each product must be commercially viable and must bring some economic and social gain for the craft community of Gundiyali.

What is the fellowship amount and what all does it cover?
Each fellow will receive a fellowship amount of Rs 25000. This includes the cost of travel, stay and honorarium for the fellow, Any material or craft technique related support will be provided on the field by the organisations.

What is the selection process?
The selection is conducted in a two-stage process: stage 01: shortlisting of potential candidates on the basis of merit of the proposal and key abilities to achieve the proposed. Stage 02: The selected candidates will be informed via email and an interview (physical or skype) will be conducted for the final selection.

Do I have to stay for 1.5 months during the fellowship?
No, it will depend on the nature of your project.

How long the stay would be?
The stay depends on the nature of your project: its production process. The stay will have to be mutually agreed upon by the fellow, the craftspersons family and the organisation.

Once I am selected, what will the process be?
Once you are selected, you will be informed via email, and a Skype interview will be conducted with you. During the interview, a detailed itinerary of travel, the product range, requirements in terms of material/craft technique will have to be clearly stated.

Do the craftspeople/ community have a kiln?

When would I receive the scholarship amount?
The scholarship amount will be paid on the successful completion of the fellowship.

What is the expected outcome of the fellowship?
Each fellow is required to submit the following:
10 innovative-designed products using the traditional craft techniques of Gundiyali
Well documented Photographs of each product, taken against a white background
A detailed report of the fellowship containing: the craft design process, product photographs, Sketches/drawings of the products and probable market where the product can be sold.