Craft Colaborative Fellowship

Who can Apply?

Open call for young designers, professionals to apply for the craft design fellowship 2018.

What is the idea?

The craft design fellowship is open to designers and young professionals to develop a range of new products for the terracotta craft community of Gundiyali.

What is the Reward?

Each fellow will receive a fellowship amount of Rs. 25000. This includes cost of travel, stay and honorarium for the fellow. Any material or craft technique related support will be provided on field by the organisations.

What should be the outcome of the fellowship?

The idea is to develop a range of minimum 10 products using the traditional craft techniques and knowledge of the craftspeople of the Gundiyali cluster. It is mandatory to develop the product range in collaboration with the craftspeople of Gundiyali.

What should be the benefit to the Craft Community?

Each product must be commercially viable and must bring some economic and social gain for the craft community of Gundiyali.

How to Apply for the Fellowship?

Fill the google form with a letter of intent and a portfolio (not more than 10 slides) at the link shared below.

Apply for the Craft Colaborative Fellowship

Fellowship Timeline

Opening of the call:
20th October 2018

Last day of submission:
20th November 2018

Results of the fellowship:
25th November 2018

Field work commences:
1st December 2018

Fellowship ends by:
15th January 2019

Application Closed

Thank you for such a wonderful response and Interest.

Focus area of the Fellowship

Traditional Products

The crafts people of Gundiyali village have been producing several traditional craft products like ‘matka’ – water pots, ‘diyas’ – oil lamps, ‘gullak’ – coin banks, traditional plates and some utensils for cooking. Under the fellowship we encourage the participants to bring innovations in designs of the traditional products to make them more associated to today’s context.

Utility Based Products

Terracotta in today’s context has comparatively less relation with daily utility products. But clay being an easily moldable material, has a large potential to be molded into different products for several utilities. Here we invite applicants to conceptualize and design range of products which can be utilized in today’s context. Some of the contexts could be kitchen ware, food ware, storage’s or even innovative products for specific purposes. Explorations in form and function would bring the newness to the products along with utility.

Products for Spaces

Space designers, ceramic designers and interested members roll up your sleeves, the fellowship opens an opportunity for you to explore and design ideas, products or systems which can be manufactured utilizing earth as a material. You can design products or systems like tiling systems, roofing systems, facade systems, or any other systems which are innovative enough to bring sustainability for the crafts community by bringing a new market opportunity to the craft makers. You can even explore ideas related to decorative and display based crafts.

Fashion Products

Fashion market is a constantly evolving market. Terracotta as an organic and moldable material has a great potential to be shaped in to any desired form. Combining craft and fashion design would provide a great opportunity for the crafts people to scale the opportunities available in front of them. Designers are free to explore terracotta as a material in any form to be molded in format of products for fashion, may it be jewelry, accessory or even a part of an apparel.

Technology with Terracotta

Why can’t technology be combined with craft. Here we open an avenue for collaborative or individual initiatives to develop products involving technologies and weaving the terracotta craft with it for giving it a better form or function. Ideas like speakers, technology lighting systems, heaters, fridge, etc. can be explored.

Market Friendly Products

Even though, the fellowship provides several opportunities in front of the applicants, but under the programme, it is important for all of us to always have market in the mind, for the sustainability factor of the crafts community. This initiative not only provides you an opportunity to design a product, but also opens a new opportunity for the crafts community to co-create and produce products which can be sold in the market and thus providing sustainability to the communities.

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